Freddy Villano









Freddy Villano is an accomplished bassist, producer and songwriter. In his professional career he has held down the low-end on tour with internationally acclaimed artists such as Quiet Riot, Widowmaker (w/Dee Snider of Twisted Sister) and Dee Snider and the SMFs, with whom he headlined Sweden Rock Festival in 2001. He has also toured nationally with lesser known acts, such as Kreep (in support of Skid Row on their 2003/2004 Thickskin tour) and pop songstress Michal Towber in support of her debut Sky With Stars (Columbia).

He has co-written, produced and played bass on countless independent records by original bands including Geezer (Blues Blvd), Awaken (Mausoleum), Holy Water (Perris), Sugar Love Honey (Manic), gaggle of cocks (Sliptrick) and Redline (Retrospect), to name but a few. He has also been called upon to play bass on records by a wide array of artists including, ex-Virgin Steel guitarist Jack Starr (A Minor Disturbance), punk rocker Kevin Kalicki (Joey And Me) and singer/songwriter Heidi Petrikat (Desperate Lord).

Last year he teamed up with a stellar ensemble of musicians to record the debut from Outliers. The band features guitarists Earl Slick (David Bowie/John Lennon) and Reeves Gabrels (The Cure/Tin Machine), drummer Sterling Campbell (The B-52s/David Bowie) and vocalist Michael Houghton (Noel Redding and Friends), among others.  Villano also recorded Slick’s soon-to-be-released solo/instrumental record, Fistful of Devils, last year as well.  He recently completed writing, producing and playing bass on an as-yet-to-be –released album featuring TMP’s own John West on two songs. It’s an all star project featuring members and former members of Dokken, Cactus, Riot, Masterplan, Doro Pesch, Red Lamb and others.  When he’s not playing Freddy writes for Bass Player magazine.