A Note From The Road…

It’s been a couple weeks since I’ve slept in my own bed, played in the back yard
with the dog, or recorded in my studio. I’ve settled into this experience of being
on the road with band mates and crew, all of whom are great friends. Although I am
certainly a home-body, I must say that these experiences on the road are enriching
and productive.

So after a string of shows, video shoots, interviews, and meeting some amazing
people from around the country, I am once again thankful for this life. Singing our
National Anthem with John West is always a pleasure but hearing the cheers of over
twenty five thousand people at a time never gets old. If only for that shared
experience and the energy right at the opening ceremonies, I personally would make
the trip.

Laying here in my bunk, rolling down the road eastbound, my thoughts turn to the
exciting things ahead for Ten Man Push. It all starts with the first single and
music video which are about to hit. I look forward to finally putting it out there.
Till then, thanks for listening!!!

- Lonnie

Hey all! This is probably the craziest part of the year for the Ten Man Push office and crew. So we are doing all the tour details from the big show specifics to making sure the RV will have trailer brakes. I am also neck deep into making sure that you all can hear a couple brand new songs before we hit the road! So, long days in the studio for me and shows at night. Personally, I love the new stuff and am having a blast working with John, Nate, and Trey tracking it. I think that you’ll love it.

I’m bringing in the expertise of some new Grammy friends and talent. This new album is going to be the best TMP ever! Lots of fun to listen to. This new album was written specifically to all the awesome people we see in our travels and in the virtual world. It is music for people in the real world. Can’t wait till you hear it!!!

We will keep you updated on the road and from the studio. Thank you all for your amazing support!!

- Lonnie